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AP World History

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Einstein

Syllabus Overview

Note to students:



This class is scored using total points. Below is a rough approximation of assignments.

Homework/classwork                3-10 points

Chapter Reading Checks         10-15 points

In-class Essays                        40-45 points

Unit Exams                               35-45 points

The Semester Final Exam is worth 15% of your total semester grade.



You will be expected to turn in all class and homework assignments on time.  Late assignments receive a grade no higher than 50% and MUSt be within a month of the original due date. 

Research and/or special projects that are assigned several weeks in advance will be due on the date set and MUST be turned at the beginning class on that date in order to receive full credit. 


Make-Up Work:

When you return to school after an absence, please refer to the class calendar on my website for the work that you missed.  Also, check with the teacher to clarify the assignments that you might have missed.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you get your make-up work, not the teachers.



If you are absent the day of an exam, please see me to arrange a make-up exam time. No make-ups will be given during class time except quizzes.

Students who miss exams will be expected to take the exam ASAP in the East Resource Center (open Monday, Wednesday, and ½ days on Friday).  Alternative exam may be given.

All make-up exam are taken in the East Resource Center during your off period.



Individual and group participation is a centerpiece of the course and therefore attendance is mandatory.  It is understood that illness or family situations may necessitate an absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to discuss make-up work and check the website for missed readings and assignments. Make sure to set up time and due dates for make-up work.

See Cherry Creek HS school policy of time allotment for make-up work.

Students who miss class will be required to make up activity through getting notes from classmates or completing an alternative assignment, such as an essay, to make-up missed work.

MY ADVICE: DON'T BE ABSENT on exam and/or discussion day.

Late assignments will receive 1/2 credit and will only be accepted within in a month of when the assignment was originally due.

Late Work:

You will be expected to turn in all class and homework assignments on time.  Late assignments receive a grade of a ZERO.  If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you will be expected to turn in the work the day you return.  Research and/or special projects that are assigned several weeks in advance will be due on the date set and must be turned at the beginning class on that date in order to receive credit.  If you suddenly are ill on the day a project is due it is your responsibility to have someone turn in the project to me. 

All assignments are due on the scheduled date at the beginning of the class period.  It is expected that students are able to participate in discussion based on these assignments and readings.  Assignments turned in to the teacher after scheduled date or class period will be considered late and will be accepted for half credit until the end of the unit and before the unit test. 

In-class assignments that are completed based on previous night’s homework, will be assessed only on that day.  If student is unprepared or homework is missing, students receive a zero for the assignment and there is NO MAKE UP or late work accepted for this assignment.


Students are expected to keep a portfolio/notebook which is critical for test preparation and the May AP exam. The portfolio will be kept using a 3 ring binder or spiral large enough for the entire year. 

Academic Dishonesty:

 Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated either on daily assignments or on tests.  Academic dishonest, or cheating, is defined as giving or receiving information or assistance on a test; possession of any unauthorized material during a test; copying another student’s assignment or knowingly allowing another student to copy from his/her assignment; submitting duplicate work; or having someone else complete an assignment on behalf of the student.  Plagiarism, presenting another’s ideas or product as one’s own, is also defined as cheating.  The penalty for academic dishonesty is a zero for work involved, and the student will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action if it is confirmed that he/she has indeed committed an offense.  All students involved in academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action.  If it is detected, both the giver and the receiver of the information will receive zeroes, parents will be notified, and disciplinary action will follow.

AP Exam in May:

Classroom Atmosphere:
  • During class discussions, you must raise your hand to be recognized.  Out of courtesy to others, no conversation will be permitted while someone else is talking.

  • Be in the room before the tardy bell rings.

  • Be an active part of the class; take notes, participate in activities, discuss topics, and study for quizzes and exams.    

  • Use your time wisely!  If you complete an assignment early, you may work on assignments for other classes or silently read.

  • Do your best to use the restrooms before you come to class.  No restroom breaks will be allowed during lecture or discussion times.  If you abuse your privilege to use the restroom, a discipline referral and parent phone call will follow.

  • Respect property.  Pick up all of your trash and return all materials used in class to their proper location.

  • Respect each other.  No putdowns to self or others.  You are expected to be able to work will each other in this class with a terrific attitude!  

I know that we are going to have a wonderful year together learning in World History.  I have high expectations for each of you this year.  If you work to the best of your ability, you should do very well in this course.


          Thank you,


          Mrs. Ingles

Please come see me in my office, East 87A, if you need help with anything.

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