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 AP European History

Coming 2018-2019...

Do like adventure? Do you enjoy a challenge?

Would you like to explore European lands?


If yes, then AP European History is for YOU!

I will be teaching AP European History next school year and would love for you to join in the journey! In this class you will embark on a grand adventure. It is an intellectual tour of the great ideas, events, and people from Europe that have and continue to shape the world around us. In the process you will improve your analytical skills, sharpen your writing, and raise your level of academic maturity. My expectation is that you will graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to become active leaders and responsible citizens of the world. 

I have previously taught AP European History for 5 years and AP World History for 7 years, so I am excited to get back into this class again.

The work is demanding, but we will have fun on the journey. Here are some pictures of a few of the engaging activities you will have an opportunity to be part of in AP Euro.

 Survivor Europe

Second semester we play Survivor Europe! Yes, it is like the TV show with competitions and tribes. No, we do not vote students out of the class every few weeks. ;) 

Each student will chose an important figure in European history to play as. 

Every 2-3 weeks we will have challenges; some challenges are “tribal” (tribe against tribe), while others are individual.

For each challenge, points are awarded. The person with the most points at the end of the semester is the winner of Survivor Europe! 

Believe me, it is a blast to play!

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